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UFTP (UNICORE File Transfer Protocol) is a high-performance data streaming library and file transfer tool with sharing capabilities. It can be also integrated into UNICORE, allowing to transfer data from client to server (and vice versa), as well as providing data staging and third-party transfer between UFTP-enabled UNICORE sites.

UFTP is best used using the client-side application (UFTP client), but is easily integrated into custom applications due to its FTP compliance.

overview-img UFTP Overview gives an overview of the UFTP architecture and features

user-img User Documentation

admin-img Admin Documentation

  • UFTPD Server - the UFTP file server

  • Auth Server - a set of services providing authentication for UFTP as well as data sharing features

support-img Getting Support

For more information, please see the Support page.

bsd-img License

UFTP is available under the BSD 2-Clause License.